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then I'm the one.

  • E-mail is mike at eisler.com.

  • Data ONTAP GX white paper from FAST 2007 Conference

  • I'm one of the co-authors of Managing NFS and NIS, Second Edition.

  • I have an blog.

  • My co-authored NFSv4 white paper that Brian Pawlowski and Spencer Shepler presented at the 2000 Sane Conference.

  • My co-authored RPCSEC_GSS whitepaper from the 1996 USENIX Security Symposium.

  • If you are looking for free ONC RPC source code, click here

  • Source code for Paul Ashley's RPCSEC_GSS prototype

  • Reference crypto performance numbers

  • Windows XP problems and solutions

  • Netscape problems and solutions

  • My NFSv4 Internet Drafts